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At the Half Moon we pride ourselves in making great tasting, fresh beer using the finest traditional ingredients.  Our beer is hand crafted in our state of the art 3.5 barrel all grain brewery.  We use the choicest 2-row malted barley and wheat, domestic and imported hops, as well as select strains of brewer’s yeast.  There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added.


Here at the Half Moon our motto is “The Freshest Taste In Town”.  Nowhere else can you get a fresher beer than one at the brewery in which it is made. For lunch or dinner why not enjoy our freshly cut steaks, fresh baked brewers rolls, house smoked BBQ, or fresh home made desserts?  We want you to enjoy our fresh beers and fresh made to order entrees as much as we enjoy creating them.


How We Do It

The brewing process starts with crushed malts that are mixed with hot water to steep in the Mash Tun.  There the starches in the malts are converted to the right ratio of fermentable to unfermentable sugars by enzymes that naturally occur in the malted grains.  The sugars dissolve in the water, and that sweet liquid, called wort, is slowly strained from the Mash Tun into the Kettle leaving the remaining body and husks of the grains behind.  In the Kettle, the wort is boiled, and  bittering and aromatic herbs called hops are added to achieve the right balance for a specific style of beer.

From the Kettle, the wort is then whirlpooled to separate the solids from the liquid.  It is then cooled down using a counter-flow heat exchanger and transferred into a Fermentation Tank.  There, the select strain of brewer’s yeast is added and all the magic starts to happen.  Fermentation!  When using an ale yeast, fermentation takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  When using a lager yeast, fermentation takes about 4-6 weeks.

Once fermentation is complete, the beer is ready to drink.  It gets transferred to a serving tank and is dispensed from the taps in our beautiful bar room for all to enjoy.

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