Thursday Food & Beer Pairing Special 6/22/17

Spicy Red Beans w/ Sausage & Rice
A true Cajun classic!  This spicy dish is full of our Hickory smoked sausage, served with white rice and killer corn bread ...Lunch for $5.99 and Dinner for $9.99
$2 Mugs of Vanilla Red
 (mug club only) 
$2 Apple Pie Shots 
$3 Pints and Mugs                 
$3 House Margaritas    

Vanilla Red (Seasonal)
Here we go with the HopRocket stuffed full of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans and hooked up to the Stoplight City Red Ale.  The result is a smooth, creamy vanilla flavored Irish-style Red Ale.  Perfect with the Brunswick Stew!
O.G.=1.054                        ABV=5.7%                     IBU=25