Thursday Food & Beer Pairing Special 10/19/17

White Chicken Lasagna
A creamy lasagna layered with lots of cheese (Provolone, Ricotta and Parmesan) fresh baby spinach and Roasted Chicken. Served with Toasted Garlic bread..$9.99 
$2 Mugs of Honey-Rye
 (mug club only) 
$2 Apple Pie Shots 
$3 Pints and Mugs                 
$3 House Margaritas    

Honey-Rye (Seasonal)
The Honey-Rye is back!  Always a favorite of the locals.  Its soft honey aroma will entice your senses and pave the way for the light sweet taste and velvety smooth, creamy texture.  It finishes slightly spicy and dry due to the copious amounts of rye malt.  Truly a delightful beer with a delightful bite!  
O.G.=1.068                        ABV=8.2%                     IBU=18