Thursday Food & Beer Pairing Special 10/18/18

Spicy Red Beans w/ Sausage & Rice
A true Cajun classic!  This spicy dish is full of our Hickory smoked sausage, served with white rice and killer corn bread ...
Lunch for $5.99 and Dinner for $9.99
$2 Mugs of Brass Monkey - Green Tea Pale Ale
 (mug club only) 
$2 Apple Pie Shots 
$3 Pints and Mugs                 
$3 House Margaritas    

Brass Monkey - Green Tea Pale Ale (Seasonal)
In memory of Andrew Lewis, past brewer and owner of Brass Monkey Brewing Co. of Kokomo,we have collaborated with Tin Man Brewing of Kokomo to re-create his famous Green Tea Pale Ale.  An ingenious creation made in 2009 during a national hop shortage for the opening of his brewery.  I believe we have done it justice!  Come see for yourself.
O.G.=1.054                        ABV=5.8%                     IBU=40