Thursday Food & Beer Pairing Special 12/5/19

Chicken Pot Pie 
A home-style Halfmoon home-run!!! Seasoned boneless chicken breast, sweet peas, carrots, celery and onion married together in a flavorful roux thickened broth. Topped with a light and flaky pastry crust and served with mashed potatoes and yeast rolls... $9.99
$3 Mugs of Maple Monster (mug club only) 
$2 Apple Pie Shots 
$4 Pints and Mugs                 
$3.50 House Margaritas   
Maple Monster
A special beer has made it's return. We have taken The Kokomonster and infused it with a rich maple flavor. A great combination with a delicious sandwich, burger, steak or chicken pot pie. Cheers!

ABV=8.0%     IBU=20     O.G.=1.070