An unfiltered light American Wheat beer.  It has a light, sweet taste with a hint of fruitiness. The wheat adds a slightly earthy or  grainy dimension to this crisp and refreshing brew.

ABV=4.5%  O.G.=1.040  IBU=13

A very delicate and refreshing Honey Wheat ale.  This beer has a slight honey aroma and sweet honey flavor on top of a crisp and refreshing American Wheat Ale. It continues to grow in popularity, so bring your friends and share the love! 

ABV=5.8%  O.G.=1.055  IBU=15


An Irish-Style Red Ale with a medium body and a dry finish. This beer is reddish in color and and has a candy-like caramel sweetnessthat is perfectly balanced with the finest imported hops. A deliciously easy beer to drink!

ABV=5.4%  O.G.=1.054  IBU=25


Be afraid!  Be very afraid, The Kokomonster is here!  A strong ale that’s amber in color with a slightly sweet and malty flavor. It goes down smooth and easy, but packs a powerful punch. Be careful with this one as it weighs-in at a monstrous 8.0% ABV.

ABV=8.0%  O.G.=1.070  IBU=20


For the hopheads!  This is a golden colored American style India Pale Ale.  A smooth and crisp medium body with an aroma that resembles grapefruit.  The hoppiness hits you at first sip and beams right on through to the finish.

ABV=6.6%  O.G.=1.062  IBU=87


A pleasantly roasty and smooth beer that is black in color.  If you’re into bold flavors matched with outstanding drinkability, you’ll love its velvety goodness!


ABV=7.0%  O.G.=1.066  IBU=30


This is the I.P.A. you've all been waiting for!  It has a silky smooth malty mouthfeel and, scintillating aromas of the Citra hops you would only expect from a beer with a name such as The Hop Hugger I.P.A.   Come get you some.

ABV=7.1%  O.G.=1.066  IBU=70


Local homebrewer, Larry Barnhart, of the Howard County Homebrewers Club won our Session IPA contest back in May/June.  He won the right to brew his recipe here at the moon and here it is!  It's light in body, low in alcohol and big on hop character.  Brewed with Amarillo, Centennial and Citra hops and named after his sassy wife Susie.  Enjoy a few of these in your next beer session.

ABV=4.35%      O.G.=1.043      IBU=49

The Honey-Rye is back!  Always a favorite of the locals.  Its soft honey aroma will entice your senses and pave the way for the light sweet taste and velvety smooth, creamy texture.  It finishes slightly spicy and dry due to the copious amounts of rye malt.  Truly a delightful beer with a delightful bite! 

ABV=8.2%      O.G.=1.068      IBU=18


This week we are infusing Susie's Sassy Session I.P.A. with the acidic tropical fruit flavor of the passion fruit.  A perfect pair with the spicy red beans and rice!

ABV=4.35%    O.G.=1.043     IBU=49