A local favorite is back!  A refreshing blueberry flavored wheat beer made with juicy sweet blueberries. This beer is light and fruity with a blueberry aroma and flavor that jumps out of the glass and into your face.

ABV=5.6%    O.G.=1.047    IBU=13


We got some Indiana grown Cascade hops from Crazy Horse Hops in Knightstown, IN, and made a wonderful I.P.A. with them.  The smooth malty backbone provides a nice canvas to show off the grapefruit-like aroma and flavor from the Cascade hops.  Go Crazy for Indiana hops

 ABV = 6.1%      O.G. = 1.066      IBU = 61

An unfiltered light American Wheat beer.  It has a light, sweet taste with a hint of fruitiness. The wheat adds a slightly earthy or  grainy dimension to this crisp and refreshing brew.

ABV=4.5%  O.G.=1.040  IBU=13

A very delicate and refreshing Honey Wheat ale.  This beer has a slight honey aroma and sweet honey flavor on top of a crisp and refreshing American Wheat Ale. It's one of our most popular beers so, bring your friends and share the love! 

ABV=5.8%  O.G.=1.055  IBU=15


An Irish-Style Red Ale with a medium body and a dry finish. This beer is reddish in color and and has a candy-like caramel sweetnessthat is perfectly balanced with the finest imported hops. A deliciously easy beer to drink!

ABV=5.4%  O.G.=1.054  IBU=25


Be afraid!  Be very afraid, The Kokomonster is here!  A strong ale that’s amber in color with a slightly sweet and malty flavor. It goes down smooth and easy, but packs a powerful punch. Be careful with this one as it weighs-in at a monstrous 8.0% ABV.

ABV=8.0%  O.G.=1.070  IBU=20


For the hopheads!  This is a golden colored American style India Pale Ale.  A smooth and crisp medium body with an aroma that resembles grapefruit.  The hoppiness hits you at first sip and beams right on through to the finish.

ABV=6.6%  O.G.=1.062  IBU=87


This is the I.P.A. the world has been waiting for!  It has a silky smooth malty mouthfeel and, scintillating aromas of the Citra hops you would only expect from a beer with a name such as The Hop Hugger I.P.A.   Come get you some.

ABV=7.1%  O.G.=1.066  IBU=70


A pleasantly roasty and smooth beer that is black in color.  If you’re into bold flavors matched with outstanding drinkability, you’ll love its velvety goodness!

ABV=7.0%  O.G.=1.066  IBU=30

Once again we honor our resident Viking, Thor Ericson (aka - Rambo), we have created an Imperial Honey Wheat beer. As the number 9 is sacred amongst the Viking folk, we used 9 gallons of honey for this regal brew.  Enjoy this smooth, easy drinking yet highly potent Thor's Thunder. As the Vikings would say, skol! 

ABV=9.45%     O.G.=1.080      IBU=20

This easy drinking beer is made with 100% 2-row malted barley for a delicious basic beer flavor.  This light bodied beer is refreshing and pairs well with all of our menu selections.

ABV=5.45%    O.G.=1.049    IBU=15


It's that time for one of everybody's favorites. Th Octoberfest is here!  This is a Bavarian-style Marzenbier which is full-bodied, rich, malty sweet copper colored beer to celebrate this years harvest. Prosit!

ABV=6.2%    O.G.=1.060     IBU=22